Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Time

"Summer time and the livin' is easy".......not in my world!  Remember when we were young and no school for the summer?  Sometimes it seemed to go on forever, time to read, play, swim....hang out.  Now, it seems the days speed by and there is never enough time to enjoy it.  (seems to be my theme, joy, hmmm)  I don't think that I am obsessive about things, but with the house, the property, the job, the garden, the animals, the days are over before I know it!  The rain this year of course has created a lot of time spent JUST mowing, which in turn takes time from getting other "need to's" from getting their turn. I am going to be gone this weekend and next weekend.  I feel a guilt about that, why?  All that stuff that needs to be attended to will all still be there when I get home.....and if I should not get it all done???  I don't think that I will be grounded, sat in a corner or chastised........I mean are the cats and the dog going to complain that I didn't get the weed eating done???  Doubt it! 

So, the big wonder today is most of us spend so much time getting "it" done that we forget to enjoy?  I think so.......the old saying is "when you are lying on your death bed will you wish you had worked more"?  So, I'm going to go and have fun and just do what I can and enjoy doing it.................hmmm, wonder how long the grass can get??

J Mac


Joanie M said...

Yeah, but you'll still be feeling guilty that you didn't get stuff done!

Go!! Enjoy yourself! Tie one on!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm with you on feeling like summer is whizzing by at the speed of sound! We are enjoying every moment of it and the weeds are growing sky high!!